Akuma players…

The video says it all really. This guy was a good player but this was our 3rd match and we were 1 all before the start of this. Judge for yourself the typical mentality of a Gouki player... Oh dear. Oh very dear me...


Team Shitty Hitty on V-League

If you pay attention to the side bar over there on Agoners -> you'll have noticed I've been putting up a link to my Street Fighter V stats for a while now, which directs you to my profile on the excellent V-League website. What's amazing about this site is how far ahead of Capcom they … Continue reading Team Shitty Hitty on V-League

Why Ranked modes in Team-based videogames are doing it wrong

Many videogames that are really popular these days are team-based online competitive games - Call of Duty, Halo, League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm, Overwatch, and on and on. What astounds me though to this day is how little "TEAM" these games generally manage to inject into their team game modes. Oh sure, you … Continue reading Why Ranked modes in Team-based videogames are doing it wrong

Three Magical Arcade Cabinets

The other day on facebook my friend Marc challenged me with this question: RIGHT. You find yourself stranded on a desert island, there's food and shelter enough to last you years and THREE MAGICAL ARCADE CABINETS that will permanently take the shape of any arcade cabinet you desire and have magical perfect multiplayer net code … Continue reading Three Magical Arcade Cabinets

Street Fighter V-Sync In the Lag of Time

Originally this post was going to be a lot more detailed, explaining all about "Sony Lag" and detailing all the evidence of input lag problems in Street Fighter V in general, and specifically the PS4 version. However since I started drafting the article, the whole thing has blown up so big in the fighting game … Continue reading Street Fighter V-Sync In the Lag of Time