Essence of War on Paint Desk Ramblings

I was thrilled to be invited back onto this youtube show with Mad 'At and Piteglio, especially to talk about this topic which I've spent a fair bit of time on over the last 12 months or so. This one is extra relevant to the "usual" Agoners interests too, as we touch on lots of … Continue reading Essence of War on Paint Desk Ramblings

Against skill based matchmaking?

As a topic we've literally been writing about for over a decade, can there actually be any valid argument against using skill-based matchmaking in a competitive game? I recently watched a couple of youtube videos about this, which discussed an apparently recent 'debate' online about it (although it was the first I had heard about … Continue reading Against skill based matchmaking?

Pirates vs Agoners #1 – Project L

Here's the first episode of a new podcast series I'm doing with ThyPirateKing. It's intended for podcast audio mainly, as you'll want to listen to our wonderful voices - but we also recorded it on video for youtube, and that's where it's up first. For our first topic, we delved into all the speculation about … Continue reading Pirates vs Agoners #1 – Project L

The case against powerful new DLC characters in fighting games

Here's another good podcast from the guys at Eventhubs:   They make a good case for the positives that can come when new DLC characters are immediately and obviously quite strong in a fighting game, looking at the current example of Cody in Street Fighter V. VesperArcade also put some thoughts along these lines … Continue reading The case against powerful new DLC characters in fighting games

Why Ranked modes in Team-based videogames are doing it wrong

Many videogames that are really popular these days are team-based online competitive games - Call of Duty, Halo, League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm, Overwatch, and on and on. What astounds me though to this day is how little "TEAM" these games generally manage to inject into their team game modes. Oh sure, you … Continue reading Why Ranked modes in Team-based videogames are doing it wrong

Xbox One and done?

Naturally we've been following the Xbox One news closely on Agoners. Everything announced so far is barely even related to agonistic gamers' concerns, which is a bad thing in and of itself really. As we've commented on before, Microsoft has been moving on a steady track away from everything agoners care about when it comes … Continue reading Xbox One and done?