Christmas deal on Steam

This is a bit late in the festive season but we here at agoners have been reaping the offerings put on at various places for game deals over the Christmas period. We've decided to share our finding as and when we find them. Today's deal is on Steam for A.I. Wars for 2.10 Euros (1.80 UK … Continue reading Christmas deal on Steam

Starcraft 2 – MLG Washington D.C. Vods

My Starcraft II obsession is continuing unabated and in my rummaging for more information and my interest in how the SC2 release might finally bring E-Sports into the limelight, I've been looking to watch the live events at tournaments such as MLG, Intel Extreme Masters at Gamescon, Blizcon, Korean GSL on GomTV, etc. You can … Continue reading Starcraft 2 – MLG Washington D.C. Vods

Noobishness: Street Fighter II HDR (Hating Dumb Ryu)

The cramp in my thumb is finally subsiding and my voice returning (after shouting abuse at all the scrubby Ryus) so I can now write a little about my first forays into the competitive world of Street Fighter II HD Remix Well let me give you a quick Navan Daughn history lesson of Street Fighters. … Continue reading Noobishness: Street Fighter II HDR (Hating Dumb Ryu)