“Working with The 9th Age” on Paint Desk Ramblings

The Hat Rack youtube channel invited me back onto their show ‘Paint Desk Ramblings’ for another interesting discussion (whilst painting models!).
(Here’s the last time I was on their show, if you missed that)

This is another one that’s a bit tangential to ‘normal’ Agoners interests, although we do dip a tiny bit into game design topics, the focus is what it’s like working with the pretty unique way that The 9th Age game gets made – it’s an entirely volunteer “fan run” not-for-profit organisation, and almost all discussion and suchlike takes place online, thanks to the large teams of ‘staff’ being situated all over the globe, most of whom have never met of course.

So, if you fancy hearing more about that, as well as lots of miniatures gaming hobby chat & news, or would just like to listen to the, in my opinion lovely voices of Grimbold Blackhammer, Mad ‘At, and myself (or just check out our wildly different accents!), then grab a paint brush and/or sit back and relax and have a listen/watch of this 🙂

Many thanks again to Mad ‘At for inviting me on, I really enjoyed it, and kept me extra motivated (not that is ever an issue for me! heh) for most of a whole weekend of painting!

Here’s the finished product by the way… Totemic SUMMON!!

Totemic Summon!!

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