Euro Strike II – European Fantasy Strike Tournament – Sat Dec 5th

Agoners, together with Justemeta, announce this event coming later this year!

Euro Strike II – an online tournament for European players of Fantasy Strike on Saturday 5th December at 5pm UK time / 18:00 CET).

World Time Buddy link



MATCHERINO: (to contribute to the prize pool)

This event is only open primarily to European players to keep everyone on low ping times and good connections to ensure a great regional competition. However, we may allow additional entries from players who live in areas that have good connections to Europe, so if you believe you normally get a good connection with European areas and would like to enter, please get in touch with the tournament organisers, Agoners on twitter or Justemeta on twitter or discord and we will discuss on a case by case basis.

Because tournament matches are played using Friend Matches, it will require you to own the Fantasy Strike “Core Pack” to play. Fantasy Strike offers full crosplay across all systems, so players may enter on any system (Steam, PS4 or Switch).

There will be a Prize Pool for this event although the exact prize size and split is yet to be determined. Players are required to have an active PayPal account to be eligible to receive prizes.

To enter this event, please register on here, ensuring you enter details of your Discord account and your in-game FS account name:

Players will also be required to have a Discord account and join the Justemeta discord server here as it will be used for communication between the tournament organisers and players and also for reporting match results.
(We also highly recommend joining the Agoners discord channel and the official Fantasy Strike discord although this is not required for tournament entry).

You must also add all the tournament organisers (currently: JustemetaTTV and Remy77077) as your in-game Friends list within the Fantasy Strike game and have “Spectators Allowed” for the duration of the tournament so that streaming of all matches is possible for us.

  • The event will be run as a standard Double Elimination bracket on If you’re unfamiliar with this format, all you really need to know is that you need to lose 2 matches to be knocked out of the tournament.
  • It will be using the 3v3 “Team Battle” format, each match will be a first to 1 win in this format for all matches. You simply play a Friend Match vs your opponent each round, and play a single “Team Battle” match and then report the result in discord.
  • Winners of each match must take a screenshot of the result (to be used in the event of any discrepancies) and must report their match in the #results-screenshots channel in the Justemeta discord.
  • In the event people do not play, cannot play due to connection issues, there are discrepancies and disagreement in the results reported (or not reported), or any other kind of complaint, contact a Tournament Organiser immediately and we will manage that. We will allow at least 10 minutes for people to play their match or to resolve any technical issues before declaring a winner or disqualifying competitors as necessary. The TOs decisions are final in all cases.
  • Throughout the tournament, certain matches will be streamed live via Twitch on Justemeta’s twitch channel AND Agoners twitch channel and/or recorded, using the in-game Fantasy Strike spectator features. If a tournament administrator notifies a player to wait for a spectator before starting the match, the player must comply. At a minimum, all final 8 player matches will be streamed live, and so once 8 players or less are left remaining, no matches should be started without a go-ahead indication from a Tournament Organiser or the result will not count.
  • This page will be updated with other rules as necessary before the event date.
  • Good luck and have fun, and if you know any European players of Fantasy Strike, please let them know about this event. Let’s make it the biggest regional event in the history of Fantasy Strike! 😀

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