Agonisers #2 – The Riot Fighting Game

As unbelievable as it may sound, yes, Agonisers, our podcast show is back! Have a listen to find out exactly why that is, and to hear an even more detailed discussion about Project L – the codename for Riot Games’ forthcoming fighting game.

As mentioned on the show, I spoke about Project L before on Pirates vs Agoners so click here if you’d like to check that out first.

Links to things mentioned in the show:
Riot Games
Legends of Runeterra

Music used on the show from Promenade Cinema, check them out on bandcamp here, or listen to them anywhere else you can get music! Their website is at:

Their latest album is the beautiful Exit Guides:

The previous episode of Agonisers can also be found here, which also explains a lot more about the site and our background.

3 thoughts on “Agonisers #2 – The Riot Fighting Game

  1. They never stated “2 years” for a release nor did they say anything about Fall. Not sure where you guys got that info. The lead dev Tom Cannon just posted on Twitter last week that they are no where near any announcement.

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    1. Thank you for listening and your comment Cyrus! 🙂

      Personally I was quoting their initial announcement, when they said they would be “going dark now” and if I remember correctly they suggested that would be for years.

      I don’t know where Tschesae got that info from re: this year, however doing some searches there are quite a few gaming news sites that suggest it is planned for release in 2020. But again, I do not know where they got that from!

      So no attempt to mislead you here, but we are just going off what we’ve heard elsewhere.


      1. Update – you’re right they didn’t say “years” but they did say “going dark for a while now, so please don’t expect anything soon”. So I think I read the ‘years’ interpretation of that from other sites (who may or may not have gotten direct info). But yeah, there are still sites reporting it is anticipated to release this year.

        So, in conclusion – I can’t find any firm information either way on this!


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