Agoners is a website about gaming.

We focus on videogames, but that’s only due to our current interests and it’s certainly not a restriction.

Agoners was formed from a combination of Chris Bateman (of Only A Game) and Nathan Dixon (Navan Daughn) encouraging Rik Newman (Remy77077) to put ‘pen to paper’ and share his thoughts amongst a wider audience after he spent a great deal of time discussing his thoughts on gaming with them. Now it’s grown into something much more than that.

Agoners is an attitude to gaming and our thoughts that develop from that. Agoners is for that those that find most of their fun in games as challenges and competition. It’s for those that play for and look for agon in most of their games. Agon is the term coined by Roger Caillois in “Les jeux et les hommes” (Man, Play and Games, published in 1958) to classify games which were played as a competition. Agon is “a sense of struggle, or contest”. Whether we consider hockey, football, chess, sailing or videogames, it’s this aspect of gaming on which we concentrate.

Agoners has previously been described as “musings of hardcore challenge-seeking gamers”.

Agoners has articles that currently fall under the following broad categories:

  • Gaming Design – Including usual ‘game design’, we also look at the wider aspect of the whole gaming environment, including digital distribution systems & communications, social networking, extrinsic rewards, ranking & matchmaking systems, leaderboards, tournaments and communities. We highlight how much these things matter as much as the actual game design itself.
  • E-Sport – Yes it’s a bit of a buzzword, and one that’s hated by some, but one that applies to many of our articles where we discuss various games played to a high level of competition. We treat such competitions as seriously as any sport, and so for now we’re happy to use the phrase “e-sport” to help differentiate from the common misuse of the word “game”.
  • Reviews – Where we review games from an Agoners perspective and attitude, rather than the generic & unfocused reviews you get elsewhere.
  • Musings – Where our thoughts spread to a wider discussion than these other categories.

Agoners is currently written by Rik Newman (Remy77077) and Nathan Dixon (Navan Daughn, previously known as lordnaff).

We are very happy for more authors to get involved and contribute directly to the site. If you share our attitude to gaming and would like to discuss any aspect of gaming in the same light – especially if you do not share our particular tastes in games – then do not hesitate to get in touch. 🙂

About the Authors:

Rik Newman (Remy77077):


Remy77077 on XBox Live

Remy77077 on Steam

Rik Newman on Facebook

Remy77077 on Fantasy Strike

Remy77077 on Kongregate

Nathan Dixon (Navan Daughn):

Navan Daughn on XBox Live

Navan Daughn on Steam

lordnaff on Kongregate

Other Contributors and Thanks:

Every website in our links for inspiring this website and many of it’s articles and continuing to expand our knowledge & interest in games.

All Members of Team Shitty Shotty (or Team Shitty Clicky and Team Shitty Hitty!) –

Adammk, Amez, DeeGruenEnzige, Fiery Biscuit 8, GrumpyCrumpet, Gyokushin, id0ru, ineedleladybra, Karmoon, Kelly, OtaKing, PlanetRV, Splodge, StealthFaced666, Tschesae, ups55, and Wildpaintings.

All of those who’ve played in Remy77077’s European XBL SF2 HDR Tournaments, especially those who’ve let me know they appreciate it in some way. Thanks guys 🙂

Everyone who’s ever given us a GG over XBox Live or on the PC. Cheers!

One Response to “About”
  1. Remy77077 says:

    Amazing quote from Ian Bogost that is something very close to what I’ve said in the past too…

    “But the very point of a game is that can be more than just a game precisely by virtue of being no more than one”

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