Euro Fantasy Strike Players Series: #5 – Mitarashi Dango

An interview with European Fantasy Strike player and combo and tech guru: Mitarashi Dango

Veil of the Ages

Read and watch about why I'm interested in an "introductory" product for miniatures wargaming - The Breach from Veil of the Ages.

Pirates vs Agoners #1 – Project L

Here's the first episode of a new podcast series I'm doing with ThyPirateKing. It's intended for podcast audio mainly, as you'll want to listen to our wonderful voices - but we also recorded it on video for youtube, and that's where it's up first. For our first topic, we delved into all the speculation about … Continue reading Pirates vs Agoners #1 – Project L

Euro Fantasy Strike Players Series: #4 – Webletee

Find out how Webletree, a relative newcomer to Fantasy Strike (& FGs in general) got into the game and what he thinks about it. "At first I was very reluctant to pick up FS, as I didn't have a lot of experience in fighting games and after having played Skullgirls I felt like it took too much time just sitting in practice mode..."