Fantasy Strike Training Stream with Novriltataki

This was an impromptu live-stream thing that happened a few days ago. Novril from Chemical Lovers, aka Novriltataki (also infamous for being Zangitroll back in the Street Fighter IV days…) asked if I would join him for some casual training & learning matches of Fantasy Strike – of course I said Yes! 😀

He then asked me though if we could stream it – and again, naturally I said yes. So here’s what happened. He didn’t have a mic available though, so you’re going to have to put up with me chatting along to myself. It was loads of fun though and it had been a long time since I got to play such long sets of matches with someone at Fantasy Strike. I really learned a lot from this too, even though Novril is pretty new to the game, especially since he is a very experienced fighting game player and far more expert than me in most games I’m sure!

You can follow more from Novril at his twitter and his youtube, as I do, and I highly recommend you do both too!

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