Characters or tools?

Agoners writer FightingRoadHog had some interesting comments to me recently after we both watched Bonchan return to playing his favourite character, Sagat, in a recent Street Fighter V tournament now that Sagat has been released for the game: (Aside: some quick replay analysis btw - Looks to me like Sagat can fight ok vs … Continue reading Characters or tools?

SFV Arcade Edition and Season 3 Thoughts & Predictions

Just like I've done every previous year, I'm going to give my round-up of my thoughts on the state of Street Fighter V as the new season begins, and in this case, a new edition too, sort-of. I'm also going to make a few more predictions along the way - and my track record on … Continue reading SFV Arcade Edition and Season 3 Thoughts & Predictions

Otaking77077 Street Fighter Animation Stream

Agoners' Remy77077 joined our good friend Otaking77077's animation shading live stream last week to talk about his work, Street Fighter, video games, anime, the number 77077, and lot's of Dictator stuff in general. You can watch the full "replay" of it here, along with some great edits and visual updates that Otaking has added to … Continue reading Otaking77077 Street Fighter Animation Stream

That feeling when the streamer gets streamed!

After doing a load of test streams myself and of course posting videos and related articles here, I had a very strange experience earlier this week, when I finished a match of SFV online and then saw that my opponent had the title "Streamer" set. "Hmmm" I thought, and I wondered if they were actually … Continue reading That feeling when the streamer gets streamed!