Discussing The 9th Age on Paint Desk Ramblings

Earlier this weekend, I was really grateful to be invited onto “The Hat Rack” youtube channel and in particular his “Paint Desk Ramblings” podcast style show (but with video too). It’s already a channel I’ve really enjoyed listening to and watching when I’m painting for many months now, as I find it’s just great for a relaxed chat along in the background. So as you can imagine I was really happy to be on it!

Mad ‘At and I discussed the latest “9th Scroll” Issue 21, made by and for the volunteer community-driven game system ‘The 9th Age’, which if you’re reading this blog you’ll know I’m quite keen on already and am itching to play more of it. We also get into lots of topics around the gaming side of miniatures wargaming, as well as more painting and modelling hobby-orientated chat too. If you’re wondering what a “9th Scroll” is? Well, we cover that as well! You can download and read the latest issue yourself too, here if you’d like to follow along with exactly what we’re discussing too.

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