Another Team Shitty X Classic

In case you hadn’t already realised, myself and Navan’s piss-take neophyte gaming ‘clan’ Team Shitty Shotty has branched out into so many fields now that it’s become known as Team Shitty X, or just TSX. We now have a theme song, the Scatman, and has a variety of specialised gaming divisions:

Team Shitty Shotty – for the common arena of games such as Gears of War and Halolz, where Team Shitty X made its first impact.

Team Shitty Clicky – for strategy games of clicking on things. Currently TSX can sometimes be found attempting to make all your base belong to them in Age of Bootay.

Team Shitty Hitty – for my own personal favourite, fighting games. Hulk’s power is to jump!


Now whilst fighting games aren’t generally known for teamwork, Team Shitty Hitty already has it’s Team Shitty Hitty Dojo in place for members, where Remy-sensei attempts to teach willing students the basics to intermediate skills of Street Fighting in HD Remix. But for the less serious gamers TSX has yet more to offer. MightyOtaKing; The Official Commentator of Remy77077 has been brought onboard on a few occasions now as well… For Double Team Street Fighter HD Remix.


Let the challenge bellow out over XBox Live! states the Otaking, also advertising this over on his DeviantArt blog.

But how does such a mighty event take place? Here I’ll lend you privy to the innermost secret machinations of TSX. It involves large, some might say immense quantities of alcohol, the Corporation night club in Sheffield, extremely late nights, pizza and/or chips, myself taking the controls of the joystick attempting to prove my Art of Drunken Street Fighting to the world, whilst MightyOtaKing (foolishly not having  an XBL Gold account of his own) delivers biting & insightful commentary on all the proceedings via my very own microphone. This effective double team generally proves to be an unstoppable assault on most if not all of your senses. 

  • What are they feeding the horse?
  • Just HOW many Elephants?
  • What’s the significance of the chicken and the size of the sombreros?
  • The impact of detergent and pink outfits on the outcome of battle.
  • Just how ‘cheap’ will Remy77077’s tactics become? 
  • Will anyone leave me alone whilst I play one handed eating my chips?

If you are lucky enough to join us for a Drunken SF with Drunken Commentary session, you could find out the answers to all of these, and a lot more. The truely brave and high-stamina opponents may even get the rare chance to fight against MightyOtaKing himself. Like Oro, he’s been in hiding waiting for a worthy opponent – but when you hear one of his battle cries: “the gloves are off!” or “have some of that!”, you’ll know you’ve been hit by, you’ve been struck by, a smooth Otaking.

When? Generally on Saturday nights, sometime after 3am UK-time, that’s 4am mainland Europe, and 10pm EST for you yankees out there.
Where? XBox Live, Street Fighter HD Remix, and forthcoming Street Fighter 4 should the game prove worthy. Look for Remy77077 hosting a player match room.

Places are extremely limited, so act now friends & blog readers!

4 thoughts on “Another Team Shitty X Classic

  1. Hopefully this Saturday too yes. However I will have to ‘yami-ni-kaire’ from Manchester first. But my powers of recovery are strong, I should be ready for more club&booze&SF2 before the day is up 🙂


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