FPS Remy

I just played some Halo Reach for the first time in a while. After playing so much of the Gears of War 3 beta, I was really struggling. I really deserved to be in Team Shitty Shotty at this point – I couldn’t aim properly at all. I was randomly armour-locking all over the place … Continue reading

A Team Shitty Hitty NYE Special

Ok, I got a little bit drunk this past New Year’s Eve, and I may just have engaged in some drunken Street Fighting, with excellent Team Shitty Hitty commentary by my friend Mighty Otaking, and perhaps once that was over, I could’ve decided that it was a good moment to send drunken replies to a … Continue reading

The Revealing Use of Walkthrough Guides

There are a number of ways to tell how and why people play videogames and what type of player they are – are they an Agoner – an actual gamer – playing entertainment software as actual games and challenges for the kinds of reasons we discuss here, or is it for something else? The excellent Brainhex … Continue reading

Another Team Shitty X Classic

In case you hadn’t already realised, myself and Navan’s piss-take neophyte gaming ‘clan’ Team Shitty Shotty has branched out into so many fields now that it’s become known as Team Shitty X, or just TSX. We now have a theme song, the Scatman, and has a variety of specialised gaming divisions: Team Shitty Shotty – … Continue reading

One team has STICK!

Team Shitty Shotty enlisted a new member last night, wildpaintings, and the team went on another foolery-filled rampage on Halolz. I suspect that wildpaintings maybe in danger of demotion from TSS however, as he led the Team to their dramatic first ever win. 50 to 49! The game started off badly, with a member of … Continue reading

Team Shitty Shotty Sorties

The ultimate in throwaway gaming entertainment? Quite possibly in my opinion. 😉 Last friday night I was so tired I couldn’t even sit up properly on my sofa. So naturally, instead of going to bed, I formed up a Halolz team with two slightly drunk mates, both of whom have barely played Halo ever before, … Continue reading