Ultimate Achievement Unlocked: MACROSS Gamerscore

I WIN!!!11! olol

Far more fun than racking up a huge pointless gamerscore… 😀

This historic moment deserves to be captured for posterity:




It doesn’t get much better than this in Gamerscore land.


Special thanks go to an unlikely set of games that made this possible: Sonic the Hedgehog (original XBLA), Doritos Dash of Destruction – both of which I got free, and Senko No Ronde (Wartech) which I’m actually rather enjoying at my utter newbie level of play on it. 🙂

The only trouble is, I  really don’t want to get any more Achievements ever now, which is why I wanted to get this done before Street Fighter 4, as that will hopefully make me forget about this enough to ignore ruining my score. And once I do.. see you again in 70,000 points time. (I hope my score carries onto the XBox 720 then 😉 )

2 thoughts on “Ultimate Achievement Unlocked: MACROSS Gamerscore

  1. *laughs* well it’s pretty obscure archibald.. and I can’t give the game away completely, but at the very least, you can see I got my gamerscore to match the numbers in my gamertag 🙂


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