Team Shitty Shotty Sorties

The ultimate in throwaway gaming entertainment? Quite possibly in my opinion. πŸ˜‰ Last friday night I was so tired I couldn’t even sit up properly on my sofa. So naturally, instead of going to bed, I formed up a Halolz team with two slightly drunk mates, both of whom have barely played Halo ever before, thus creating possibly the most frighteningly poor Halo team of all time. Myself Remy77077, adammk, and yep, Agoner’s very own Navan Daughn unleashed their fearsome console FPS skills upon the unsuspecting world of XBox Live.

And thus, Team Shitty Shotty was formed!

It was just a shame we couldn’t find a fourth friend of sufficient skill level to join us on this occasion, so some poor sap got teamed with us most of the time in 4-player teams. I do pity them really. But I also pity any opponent up against us. There is a sheer embarrassment factor of getting killed even once by a team that is busy discussing what button does what on Halo, how to pick up guns, or whether they are getting better or worse with each pint of Guiness drank.

But we were actually trying to win too! And we did get close on occasion. I am actually kinda proud we did quite well at times. Although the fact I got an “MVP” achievement does say a lot, as I am usually easily the worst player on any pickup Halo team. πŸ˜€

The truely outstanding recorded the carnage, as always. Here’s adammk’s awesome first kill ever, with the rocket launcher, against a poor guy stood on the gun turret.


Some team’s have Rifle.

Some team’s have Gatty.

But only one team has Stick, FOR SHITTY SHOTTY!

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