Xbox One and done?

Naturally we've been following the Xbox One news closely on Agoners. Everything announced so far is barely even related to agonistic gamers' concerns, which is a bad thing in and of itself really. As we've commented on before, Microsoft has been moving on a steady track away from everything agoners care about when it comes … Continue reading Xbox One and done?


XBox 360 Fighting Games – Do they have effective skill matchmaking?

Are you man enough to fight with me?

While I was writing my follow-up to my previous article about competitive gaming design using case examples, I got sidetracked into a very interesting debate on David Sirlin's Fantasy Strike forums. I've linked it here, in case you want to read it all, but I will attempt to summarise the major points of it here. … Continue reading XBox 360 Fighting Games – Do they have effective skill matchmaking?

The XBox Live Fail Update

The Xbox Live Fall Fail Update Late last autumn there was the usual “Fall Update” to Xbox 360s connected to  Xbox Live, this year with the moniker (as is the trend these days) of the “Metro” update. I hoped to write about this when it was more topical, but I wanted to wait until I’d … Continue reading The XBox Live Fail Update


“Like” Raptr on facebook and potentially win some games

Raptr's doing a nice publicity promotion on facebook right now, so I thought I'd help them out with it too. If you "like" their page on facebook here, you can be in with a chance to win every Valve game on Steam. Not bad, and your chance of winning is much higher than some silly … Continue reading “Like” Raptr on facebook and potentially win some games


The Independent Remy Show

Agoners are obviously fans of actual game mechanics over graphics and movie-like experiences etc, and so naturally we're very interested in the "indie" games scene. The XBox Live Indie Game (XBLIG) service interests me the most as it's pretty unique amongst TV-based games systems, and in theory, should offer some nice quality control and ways … Continue reading The Independent Remy Show


The Ironic Review Review

With the new summer dashboard update for the XBox 360, it's interesting to note they've finally added one of the features I'd suggested a while ago - some kind of game review ratings system on XBox Live. Whilst the feature is still far from the way I would've implemented it, it's a nice start. There … Continue reading The Ironic Review Review


To the spirit of a fighter

There's an article forthcoming on my full thoughts on Street Fighter IV, but I think it's a summary enough to say for now that I'm no longer playing or following the game very much at all. However as long pre-supposed here on agoners, the main reason for the excitement around SF4 was not SF4 itself, … Continue reading To the spirit of a fighter


Ultimate Achievement Unlocked: MACROSS Gamerscore

I WIN!!!11! olol Far more fun than racking up a huge pointless gamerscore... 😀 This historic moment deserves to be captured for posterity: It doesn't get much better than this in Gamerscore land. MA KU RO SU Special thanks go to an unlikely set of games that made this possible: Sonic the Hedgehog (original XBLA), … Continue reading Ultimate Achievement Unlocked: MACROSS Gamerscore