Orcs & Goblins Faction Focus on Paint Desk Ramblings

I was very kindly invited onto Mad ‘At’s Paint Desk Ramblings youtube show again over the past weekend , alongside another very well-known 9th Age youtuber Gene.

It was a topic dear to my heart – Orcs & Goblins – in The 9th Age specifically. There’s a bunch of painting and modelling news and discussion too as always on “Paint Desk Ramblings”, as well of lots of talk about the background and lore about Orcs & Goblins, so those looking for pure ‘gaming’ content this is maybe a bit light – but we do discuss the rules for O&G too. There are some interesting discussions about game balance and rules complexity. As a non-expert in playing T9A, this was really fascinating for me too, and overall I had a really fun time chatting with both Gene and Mad ‘At whilst painting – of course – more Orcs!

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