Discussing The 9th Age on The Tabletop Miniature Hobby Podcast

I’ve not managed to make any of my own podcasts for a long while still now (even though I have tons of ideas! hah) however once again I was fortunate enough to be a guest on another great show – this time the Tabletop Miniature Hobby Podcast, a show hosted by the Bedroom Battlefields website.

Some of his miniatures!

Rather than give you a direct link to the pod, I recommend to click the link below and go over and check out his blog post about the podcast as well, as it gives a nice explanation and links to things we discuss. I highly recommend you give his blog and his podcast a follow too on whatever platforms you like to use, as it’s a quality production and keeps me interested even when the topic at hand doesn’t immediately grab me, he does a great job of producing things and making it an enjoyable listen!


We discussed a bit of our history in miniatures gaming, and a bit of a ramble chat about lots of fun topics, but the main part of this was to introduce what The 9th Age is to Matt and his listeners – and especially why it interests me and a bit about how game design works in for it in this unique collaborative community project!

Also if you’re interested, here’s the last minis I painted at the time of recording this, and what my next modelling project was looking like at the time too:

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