Euro Strike II – Roundup, Results & Thanks

As entrants and viewers of Euro Strike II will know it started with a lot of chaos on the day with Justemeta unfortunately having to drop out at the last minute. This made it quite a scramble to even put this event on still, and I’m still quite chuffed we managed to make it all happen with only minor issues!

I have to once again offer my immense thanks to:

Mitarashi Dango & Darklycute for stepping into the breach and doing the thankless task of doing the TO job behind the scenes. There is absolutely no way this event would have been able to run at all smoothly without them doing this (read my interview with Mitarashi Dango here).

PurpleShirt for not only being a HUGE donor to the prize pool (making this easily the biggest prize pool for any regional FS event) but also jumping in and helping me do the commentary – and doing an excellent job too. As I told him post-stream, even if he’s “retiring” from Fantasy Strike play for now, he definitely has a future as a commentator!

Everyone else who played in the event, watched the stream, chatted, helped out with people confused in discord, and especially the immensely generous prize pool donors from the Fantasy Strike community. Best FG community in the world easily!!

If you missed this live and would like to watch it, it’s up on youtube now here… so watch this first if you don’t want spoilers of the results later in this post…

The full completed bracket & results can be found here:

Here is the final 8 players left in the bracket though, and their approximate winnings from the prize pool on matcherino :

7th: EmiSocks & Hating Mirror (approx $25 each)
5th: darkness & vloomn (approx $43 each)
4th: Arnei (approx $49)
3rd: Nahjus (approx $62)
2nd: Organous (approx $123)
1st: TheZipBon (approx $246)

So huge congratulations to all of those players! (links are for interviews with those players where I have them), hope you can buy yourselves some great Fantasy Strike costumes and poses swag in game (or something else, maybe a MrMKL FS themed t-shirt?) with those prizes! Note that you need to register on matcherino to claim the prizes.

ALSO in addition to the prizes for the final 8 players, we have some five lucky players who win a Skill Coin prize of approx $20 just for entering and playing… the winners are:

If you don’t want to watch the video… (why not!?) that’s:
MaestroFGC, Cerea1ki11er29, Nok, Schiever & JJTam

For these prizes, Justemeta can apparently distribute via PayPal, so please get in touch asap to claim your Skill Coin prize!

Character Breakdown:

Also just for fun I thought I’d break down the characters used by the final 8 competitors:

darkness: Grave, Geiger, Jaina
Nahjus: Onimaru, Rook, Midori
Arnei: Valerie, Midori, Grave
Organous: Rook, Lum, Midori
Hating Mirror: Jaina, Quince, Midori
vloom: Midori, Valerie, Quince
TheZipBon: Midori, Quince, Onimaru
EmiSocks: Jaina, Lum, Rook

And here’s the character representation breakdown totals out of that:

Midori: 6
Jaina: 3
Rook: 3
Quince: 3
Onimaru: 2
Lum: 2
Valerie: 2
Grave: 2
Geiger: 1
DeGrey: 0
Argagarg: 0
Setsuki: 0

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