The best European SF2 HDR players

I normally stay out of this kind of thing, but a lot of it goes on over at the SRK forums, and I thought I’d share it here too.

This is my current opinion of who is the best with each character in Europe at SSF2T HD Remix.

Note this is not an online list, and is not just XBL – in fact I count offline tournament performance much more than online… but I do take online into account, especially where no player has distinguished themselves at a real tournament with a particular character.

Ryu- Orf33

Ken- Cuongster (not on XBL)

Chun Li- I’ve seen a lot of good Euro Chun Li players – DagV01, chunli1, Ashman NW and Guile75 are all in the running, but I am not sure there’s one player who is separated from the rest with results & is dedicated to playing Chun in HDR tournaments too. TBD!

Dhalsim- Quarisitice

Honda- CalmDownMonkey

Zangief- DoomsDayDevice0

Dictator- ExposedD

Boxer- xWAx Qarnage (SMQ).

Guile- Kaos Flare (not on XBL).

Deejay- AlanDaMan (not on XBL. For XBL it would be Bogeuk).

Cammy- none

Claw- Sharizord

Blanka- Fulaani

Fei Long- none

Sagat- none

T. Hawk- MadinAoi

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