“Like” Raptr on facebook and potentially win some games

Raptr’s doing a nice publicity promotion on facebook right now, so I thought I’d help them out with it too. If you “like” their page on facebook here, you can be in with a chance to win every Valve game on Steam. Not bad, and your chance of winning is much higher than some silly national lottery, and what’s more it doesn’t cost you a thing. Secondly, whilst raptr still has quite a few issues from time to time and is in a constant ‘chase’ mode with regards to functionality, it’s still a very useful application and site as it is. You can tell we like it, as we’ve been using it on Agoners for some time. Check out our About page for links to our raptr profiles, or look on the side bar where you can see at a glance what raptr has tracked us playing. The main site acts as something like a “facebook for gamers” and I personally find it very interesting to see how much time I spend on various games – I even manually update games on my raptr profile for games it can’t or doesn’t yet track. It’s also fun to check out the feeds to see what all my friends are up to. The client is also useful as a multi-messenger tool and it now has the “killer feature” for me to be able to track what friends are online on the Xbox when I’m on my PC, and also quickly message them or reply to messages. Whilst it’s not 100% consistent, it’s close enough to be very useful for me. It’s actually better than the ‘normal’ XBox Live functionality in many ways. I hope to get back to a review of XBL in the future actually.

So, if you’re not convinced to give raptr a try yet, here’s a bunch of widgets and signatures that raptr can also generate for you, demonstrating some of its functionality quite well. šŸ™‚




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