Pimp Of Fighters

Despite all my own personal hype for Street Fighter Fooooour, and even greater excitement for SF HD Remix, King of Fighters XII is looking incredibly hot too, and is way past deserving of some Agoners pimping. So here we go. 😀

I used to be a huge KOF fan back around 96/97… “As a year flew by from the excitement, we now begin the opening of our special team tournament again.. in NINETEEN NINETY SIX!” in fact.

I kept on playing a bit for a few years afterwards, and have generally dipped into most KOFs that came out on home consoles I owned at the time. But it never got back to its heyday for me. They just kept removing & changing too many of my favourite characters. But an even bigger blow to my play was losing my competition. Since KOF has always been rather obscure in the UK, I’ve never known a lot of people that could really play it.

Of course XBox Live will change all that, so I’m really excited about KOF XII. It’s the perfect time for a rebirth of the franchise for me too. It’s been announced for April 09, and there’s relatively little hype and news for it yet. It appears SNKP is waiting until SF4 is out of the way a bit – a good idea. But this could potentially be the best of this ‘return of the fighting game’ lineup in 2008/2009.

Some quotes from around the web that make me want to gush with praise:

“Each character in KOFXII has around 400 to 600 [sprite] patterns. Every single one of them is hand-drawn, and it’s something that we’re proud of. I’ll only say it here, but we believe that this is something that no other company can imitate, something that only SNK Playmore can do,” Kukino said.

“We are aiming for the ultimate 2D fighting game and ultimate 2D pixel graphics,” Kukino said in closing. “I’ve been working in this industry since the pixel-art days, so I know the importance of a single pixel. A single pixel can vitally change the expression on a [character’s] face. We’ve taken that skill to an ultimate level.”

For Truth, Justice, and the Korean Way! WHORE KICK!

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