Starcraft 2 – MLG Washington D.C. Vods

My Starcraft II obsession is continuing unabated and in my rummaging for more information and my interest in how the SC2 release might finally bring E-Sports into the limelight, I’ve been looking to watch the live events at tournaments such as MLG, Intel Extreme Masters at Gamescon, Blizcon, Korean GSL on GomTV, etc.

You can imagine my frustration with not being able to find any videos on demand! Nearly all of the websites for these tournaments are horrendously designed and good luck finding any information!

So, with this in mind and since I’m looking for them anyway, I’ve decided to start posting links to any vods that I manage to find for the big tournaments.

Here”s my first: the MLG Washington D.C. Vods :-

Here’s the winner’s bracket finals of Idra vs Huk:

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