Christmas deal on Steam

This is a bit late in the festive season but we here at agoners have been reaping the offerings put on at various places for game deals over the Christmas period. We’ve decided to share our finding as and when we find them.

Today’s deal is on Steam for A.I. Wars for 2.10 Euros (1.80 UK pounds).

A.I. Wars: Fleet Command

Here’s a review of the game.

If anyone reading this decides to get it then please get in contact with us and we can arrange some coop games!

Merry Christmas!


One thought on “Christmas deal on Steam

  1. Aaaand ironically none of us ended up buying AI War, although I did get a massive load of games in Steam Xmas deals, that I now have no time to play of course! However the way I view Steam is that you pile up all your games at Thanksgiving and Xmas for the rest of the year, as I never buy an even close to full-price game on Steam ever.


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