European SF2HDR XBox Live Tournament – Saturday 4th December

This tournament is for Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix tournament and is only open to European XBox Live players to ensure decent ping times and connections.

When: This coming SATURDAY 4th DECEMBER, 3pm UK-time (15:00 GMT) start. These tournaments usually take around 2.5 hours, but it could take longer, so please be committed to play all afternoon and into the evening if necessary due to numbers. I am also doing a slightly different format this time meaning that more games will be played for all players, which may take slightly longer. I also have to contend with the new – so please be patient 🙂

As with last time, if you are not online on XBL at the start time, I will consider you to have dropped from the tournament. It will usually take at least 10 minutes for me to randomise the set up the first round and message everyone with their matches, so PLEASE BE PATIENT at the start and don’t send me messages asking me if it’s on etc. It is on – it just takes a while to sort out the 1st round as it depends on who turns up.

This is the same reason why everyone has to be on time, as once I’ve made the brackets I cannot easily drop or add people without spoiling the integrity of the tournament – apart from in rare circumstances where an extra person or two makes the bracket easier. But if you want to be sure you can enter, be online in time!

Location: XBox Live


Signup anytime before the start time on Saturday 4th December October by posting here or on the SRK forums to participate, or by messaging me over XBL. Please do not signup until you are sure you can play on the date/time above.

Some late signups on the day MAY be allowed, but I cannot guarantee it, as noted above, it will depend on number of entrants.


Swiss Pairing (using Swiss Vega method – hahha, I just had to didn’t I! ). This means you will be playing a match against the closest paired player with you in the tournament each round. You’ll only play each player once and if there are odd numbers then someone will get a Bye each round. This means that no matter how well or how badly you do, you can continue to play each round until the tournament ends

I will send an XBL message each round to all players as to who they are to play next. Tournament rounds after the first will be arranged by XBL messaging. ie: You will receive an XBL message each tournament round as to who you are to play next.

Each match will be a single best 3 of 5 rounds game (ie: the standard HDR “Ranked Match” setting).
All settings must be on default.
Akuma (Gouki, Demon) is banned.
You can pick any character to play (ie: the standard HDR blind pick). You are free to change character between rounds if you wish.
‘Turbo’ functions on joysticks or controllers are banned.

I recommend using a private 2-player match room on XBL. I will attempt to add all participants to my my XBL Friends List (which is visible) so you should be able to find each other and invite each other into games easily.

Reporting Results:

Once your match is completed, BOTH participants must report their results over XBL message to me. All results will collated and later be posted here. Sadly I have not found a good way I can possibly report in real-time whilst also keeping the rounds running smoothly.

Note – you only need to report who won and who lost, but if you want to report characters used etc, go ahead. If I only get a single report I will consider it accurate (eg: only the winner reports).

In the event people do not play, or there are discrepancies and disagreement in the results reported (or not reported), or any other kind of complaint reported, I will attempt to manage that. In the worst case scenario I will have to void the whole event if players do not co-operate, but I’m glad to say we’ve not had any problems yet at all. Don’t forget this is only an online tournament, and as such it isn’t too serious a deal – you should of course try your best to win, as that’s the whole point, but also look upon it as a chance to meet fellow SF2HDR players and have some fun.

Each tournament round if possible certain matches may be highlighted to be videoed by any player with available video equipment – please let me know if you can take videos and if you can, please do so and upload them. If I ask you to record a match you are not playing in, we will create a private player room with extra slots for the observer(s) and invite the actual participants in. I will post all results and links to any videos later. If possible videos will be posted at the SF2 Europe youtube channel.

Good luck and good games!

Final Entrants and Results:

After 6 Rounds of ‘Vega’ Swiss Pairing:

1.   Sharizord – 5 wins (Claw)
2.   DoomsDayDevice0 – 5 wins (Zangief)
3.   MEAT v – 5 wins (Dictator)
4.   DagV01 – 4 wins (Chun Li, Honda)
5.   GHOST IN HEAD – 4 wins (Ken)
6.   Tschesae – 3 wins (DeeJay)
7.   FinalBosS Z- 3 wins (Chun Li)
8.   PlanetRV – 3 wins (Ryu, Dictator, Dhalsim, Honda)
9.   FREAKACHUv1 – 3 wins (Boxer)
10. Remy77077 – 2 wins (DeeJay)
11. RAGINWOLF74 – 2 wins (?)
12. DynAsYstem – 2 wins (Chun Li)
13. Navan Daughn – 1 win (Fei Long)
14. oneNEOeno – Dropped from tournament



I was really happy with how the Swiss Pairing system worked myself, and the tournament software I had tested out managed to run very well. I deliberately ran 2 more rounds than was strictly necessary to find a winner for the number of entrants, as I thought it would be more entertaining and add more value to doing Swiss rather than an elimination tournament. Sure enough, the winner after 4 rounds would have been DoomsDayDevice0, but by playing out the last 2 rounds, Sharizord was able to win it again on a tiebreaker courtesy of his win vs DoomsDayDevice0 in round 5.

One huge problem was a player dropping from the tournament though. I could not find a way for my software to handle that so I had to assign all the BYEs manually. Easy at first but it got progressively more complex as it went on – I’m very lucky I have a lot of familiarity with how Swiss system works or I would’ve had no chance to get it right.

The other problem was bad lag was reported in 2 matches. This is something I will have to keep an eye on unfortunately and perhaps even run separate tournaments if people cannot get good connections to each other regularly, or attempt to avoid pairing certain players.


DagV has kindly posted the following videos of his matches:

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  2. Hello Remy,
    sorry for not answering your requests lasts weeks. I didn’t get Xbox live gold past months but I’ll get it back when SF IIIrd strike online will be released and I’m still interesting by entering your next tournaments. Please keep sending me invites.


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