4 thoughts on “RROD’ed

  1. I got this today. I feel for you, my friend. All I wanted to do was play some Left 4 Dead, and my Xbox sprang this beautiful surprise onto me.

    Thank you, Microsoft.


  2. Ah sorry to hear that Rob! 😦 At least mine was back with me within a couple of weeks, although it did mean my American 360 Elite was transformed into a UK one. I was impressed by their service though, gave me all the options, I could’ve got it repaired in the US if I’d really wanted to as well.

    So now it’s nice I can now buy cheapo 2nd hand games without worrying if they will work, but it’s nasty that I can’t play All Pro Football 2k8 without buying another American XBox. I might get a cheap 2nd one sometime when a good opportunity arises though.


  3. Sareth – yes, unfortunately this can happen to any XBox 360 and the older they are the more likely it is. With older normal XBox’s it seems to be generally down to overheating, but with Elites it seems to be a software issue. Both myself and a friend that had RROD’d Elite it came soon after trying to play old XBox 1 games on our 360s. It could just be coincidence but it might be something to do with it.

    It’s still by far the best console around though IMO, so it’s worth the extra hassle. I didn’t pay a penny to get it all replaced at least.


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