Xbox One and done?

Naturally we’ve been following the Xbox One news closely on Agoners. Everything announced so far is barely even related to agonistic gamers’ concerns, which is a bad thing in and of itself really. As we’ve commented on before, Microsoft has been moving on a steady track away from everything agoners care about when it comes … Continue reading

Control Freak

“Been playing HL2 as I fancy going through it again. I’m enjoying it, but still find it weird on the XBOX controller. Things which are piss easy on the mouse can be a real bugger on the controller” – Navan Daughn When does a controller become part of the game? Pretty much always! However the … Continue reading

Sticks of Joy

A lot of people ask me “Remy77077, you play fighting games a lot, what joystick should I get?”. Well okay, only a couple of people have asked me that. But since I’ve written about joysticks in the past too, I felt that this was a worthy topic for an update to the current situation. As … Continue reading

PC vs Console

My move and settlement to Athens, Greece has finally been completed and I have some spare time to assault your eyeballs with another post regarding the PC vs Console debate. I was inspired back into the debate by the release of the news that Left 4 Dead will be getting new DLC and the PC … Continue reading

The Curious Orange

Here’s my followup to my previous post about how I am getting on with The Orange Box now. I’ve finished all the ‘basic’ levels on Portal now. At first I absolutely hated it, as I do almost everything played from the irrevocably flawed FPS perspective. The fact that in an FPS every time I walk … Continue reading

Orange.. Wednesday?

The Orange Box: Day 1. Well at the insistent urging of my colleague, friend & co-blogger lordnaff I eventually found a copy cheap enough to get. So to tie in with my ideas on time-based reviews and things that could be added to XBox Live, here’s how I got on with Orange Box after my … Continue reading

Defection to the Enemy Camp – Console vs PC (again)

I knew this was a bad idea to start a blog with Remy. Due to his persistent and insidious prodding I went out and bought myself a large hi-def screen and an <shame>xbox360</shame> … … … In my defense the screen is still technically a computer monitor (a highly recommended Dell UltraSharp 2707WFP 27) So … Continue reading

Review of the Orange Box (for remy77077)

Since remy77077 was procrastinating about whether or not to buy the Orange Box I’ve decided to give a review of the whole zesty package. To do this properly I’d really have to review this compilation of 3 games (Half-life and episodes being counted as one) separately. So here’s my crash-course review. Half Life 2 Starting … Continue reading