Competitive Gaming 123

Call of Duty: Soccer Ops

We've written so much here on Agoners about competitive gaming, as per our definitions, that I thought it might be useful to re-state a few things in a single article. A bit of a re-statement of our beliefs; a competitive gaming manifesto if you like. Gaming design for competitive gaming should always mean these three … Continue reading Competitive Gaming 123


Fourts and Chaos Part 2: Street Fighter IV and Variety, Viability and Balance

(Continued from Part 1) Part 2: Variety, Viability and Balance Street Fighter IV is often said to have really good balance between characters. It's current tier listing shows it isn't too bad at least as fighting games go - 53 points between top and bottom, 25 characters (2.12 per character). Although HDR's current tier listing shows the … Continue reading Fourts and Chaos Part 2: Street Fighter IV and Variety, Viability and Balance

Noobishness: Street Fighter II HDR (Hating Dumb Ryu)

The cramp in my thumb is finally subsiding and my voice returning (after shouting abuse at all the scrubby Ryus) so I can now write a little about my first forays into the competitive world of Street Fighter II HD Remix Well let me give you a quick Navan Daughn history lesson of Street Fighters. … Continue reading Noobishness: Street Fighter II HDR (Hating Dumb Ryu)


Control Freak

"Been playing HL2 as I fancy going through it again. I'm enjoying it, but still find it weird on the XBOX controller. Things which are piss easy on the mouse can be a real bugger on the controller" - Navan Daughn When does a controller become part of the game? Pretty much always! However the … Continue reading Control Freak


Confessions of a Whore

"If you have something to confess, do it now. Give yourself some peace". Last night I Achievement Whored. Well, sort of, as we'll see... however more accurately I helped out a friend by setting up his attempt to 'glitch' Left 4 Dead to allow him to get an Achievement that is very difficult to unlock under … Continue reading Confessions of a Whore


Ultimate Achievement Unlocked: MACROSS Gamerscore

I WIN!!!11! olol Far more fun than racking up a huge pointless gamerscore... 😀 This historic moment deserves to be captured for posterity: It doesn't get much better than this in Gamerscore land. MA KU RO SU Special thanks go to an unlikely set of games that made this possible: Sonic the Hedgehog (original XBLA), … Continue reading Ultimate Achievement Unlocked: MACROSS Gamerscore


The Tiers of Time

I'm guessing that most readers of this blog will be familiar with a tier listing for a game with matchups and a choice of characters or races with different ability sets. Admittedly this is mainly only fighting games where I've seen this kind of thing happen, but it could be doable for other games too, … Continue reading The Tiers of Time