Yomi: A Grave Decision

When I last wrote about Yomi, I was still very new to the game, but I’d decided to buy a single online character to get me started and to help me learn to play the game. I do think this is definitely the best way to get started at online Yomi, because I feel there’s … Continue reading

Bullet Witch – Review

Title: Bullet Witch Format: XBox 360 Reviewer: Remy77077 Approximate Time Spent playing at time of writing: 9 hours Modes of play: Single Player, Online Leaderboards. Bullet Witch is a single player “3D action adventure” challenge title. It’s immediately and obviously comparable to Bayonetta due to it’s stylistic similarities, however Bullet Witch is the originator that … Continue reading

The Revealing Use of Walkthrough Guides

There are a number of ways to tell how and why people play videogames and what type of player they are – are they an Agoner – an actual gamer – playing entertainment software as actual games and challenges for the kinds of reasons we discuss here, or is it for something else? The excellent Brainhex … Continue reading

The Beautiful Game

This video encapsulates so much of what us “gamers” are trying to fight against. For a report that is supposed to be showing us the flip-side of our perceptions of gaming she still manages to start the report with: “If your parents ever told you that computer games would rot your brains” and ending with: “A … Continue reading

Is ‘Splosion Man Challenging or Punishing?

First off, a quick review is in order. ‘Splosion Man is simply amazing. It’s the best single player platform game I’ve ever played, and it’s the best multi-player co-operative platform game I’ve ever played (not that there is much competition there!) at least for 2 players. To me, this is about as good as a non-competitive … Continue reading

Call of War of Honoured Duty: Battlefield Defeat Sixty Four

‘Real war’ style simulations in any gaming genre generally have about as much appeal to me as a candyfloss covered turd. They might sometimes look nice from a distance, but on closer inspection I can see that the flavour is so obviously going to be wrong I really don’t want to take a bite. The … Continue reading

Noobishness: Street Fighter II HDR (Hating Dumb Ryu)

The cramp in my thumb is finally subsiding and my voice returning (after shouting abuse at all the scrubby Ryus) so I can now write a little about my first forays into the competitive world of Street Fighter II HD Remix Well let me give you a quick Navan Daughn history lesson of Street Fighters. … Continue reading

Hardcore you know the score

The keen-eyed reader may have noticed that we’ve been playing around with the summary tagline that attempts to describe this blog in a single sentence. It’s actually quite a difficult thing to pin down, as Agoners is really about an attitude to gaming and our thoughts that develop from that, coupled with a wider reach … Continue reading

This is my Brain on Brainhex

iHobo just published BrainHex, so I thought any readers of this blog would want to know and could be interested in this survey of gamer types and want to take a look at it & take the survey. My results were: Your BrainHex Class is Conqueror. Your BrainHex Sub-Class is Conqueror–Mastermind. You like defeating impossibly … Continue reading

Confessions of a Whore

“If you have something to confess, do it now. Give yourself some peace“. Last night I Achievement Whored. Well, sort of, as we’ll see… however more accurately I helped out a friend by setting up his attempt to ‘glitch’ Left 4 Dead to allow him to get an Achievement that is very difficult to unlock under … Continue reading