Agoners Game Critiques

Agoners has now posted up it’s entire review method and criteria for when we critique games. It’s found under our Reviews section at the top, you should definitely check it out here! 🙂 Advertisements

Fourts and Chaos Part 1: Street Fighter IV and Execution

Remember how Street Fighter 2 was great because everyone could play it? Well here, at long last is where I’d like to start with some commentary on Street Fighter IV. This is Part 1 of a five part article. Part 1: Execution I feel my #1 problem with SFIV is the same issue I have … Continue reading

Balancing Match

Earlier I looked at the concept I attempted to coin ‘Versus Flow‘ in video games. Here’s my continued thoughts on that & how to improve things. Don’t Give Up, Challenge Again So what can you do to try to fix the matchmaking? Well, much like getting good at anything; the first step is to at … Continue reading

Versus Flow

“In theory I love playing online with people on Versus but I get frustrated because I suck so badly at it, with my reaction time, that I just die constantly, and after a while of no joy whatsoever, it loses it’s fun factor.” –DeeGruenEinzige The game designer’s job of setting the right difficulty and challenge … Continue reading

Challenge me Angel!

Do you really want to mess with me punk? Well, do ya? Despite how I describe myself as being a fiero-seeking nutjob sometimes the challenge just seems too much, or too far away from my core interest in a game, even for me. For example, as part of my practice for Street Fighter 2 HD … Continue reading