Veil of the Ages

Earlier this week I was invited to talk with the creator behind the “Veil of the Ages” initiative for miniatures wargaming, on a livestream he was making for the project. If you don’t know what this is, there’s a website all about it here.

I got involved with the Kickstarter for the Veil of the Ages’ first product “The Breach” from the earliest point when I heard about it. It’s a simple 2 model game, designed to introduce newer or younger players into some of the facets of tabletop miniatures gaming.

“But Remy?” I hear you ask… “I’ve read your other articles about miniatures wargaming, you’re clearly a very experienced gamer who doesn’t need an introductory product like this” .. which is true in a way. But of course this is very much relevant to our interests here at Agoners, as we’ve written a number of times about why new players and the introductory experience are so important, even to the most “hardcore” of gamers, even if they themselves don’t realise it at the time, and what some of our first-time experiences in games have been like –

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So anyway, here’s a link to the video and discussion about the Veil of the Ages – The Breach. It’s a long one, so perfect to listen to if you’re painting some miniatures of your own perhaps, or would just like to listen to the points made in the background! 😀 The main points we talk about are The Breach itself overall, some ideas for some new dice that could be used with the game, Piteglio’s video game implementation of The Breach (currently in the Tabletop Simulator software), his future plans, and some more general gaming discussion:

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