Pirates vs Agoners #1 – Project L

Here’s the first episode of a new podcast series I’m doing with ThyPirateKing. It’s intended for podcast audio mainly, as you’ll want to listen to our wonderful voices – but we also recorded it on video for youtube, and that’s where it’s up first. For our first topic, we delved into all the speculation about the new League of Legends fighting game – Project L:

Apologies for & couple of audio glitches due to our internet connection, and also the strange and unrelated hand gestures at points during the video by myself. Some of that is just me getting enthusiastic, but some of it is gesturing to a friend walking through the room whilst I was recording and me forgetting I was also on camera 😀

If you can’t get enough of listening to me or ThyPirateKing (& I don’t blame you!), check out TPK on his twitch channel & youtube too. He runs weekly tournaments which I also co-commentate when I get the chance to. You may also enjoy one of my older podcasts here.

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