Euro Fantasy Strike Players Series: #4 – Webletee

This is another post in an on-going series where I’m interviewing European members of the Fantasy Strike community to find out more about them (see #1 Nok here, #2 Kingheim here, and #3 Sir here).

This time I wanted to speak to someone who was a bit newer to the game and see how they got into it: Webletee

My name is Webletee in Fantasy Strike, and I usually go by the name Weble or Webletee in most online games. The name sorta came to be while I was studying design as part of learning web design, and we had a task to create our own branding. So I mostly just started with the word ‘Web’ and went from there. And the name seems pretty unique as I haven’t seen anybody else use it so I’m sticking with it.

Remy: Apologies for mis-pronouncing your name multiple times on my streams!

Don’t worry you aren’t the first person to imagine the invisible “R”!

I’m from Sweden and I started playing Fantasy Strike about a year ago, and it is the first fighting game where I have actually tried going online and playing against people.

At first I was very reluctant to pick up FS, as I didn’t have a lot of experience in fighting games and after having played Skullgirls I felt like it took too much time just sitting in practice mode against an opponent that wouldn’t fight back to learn to play one well enough to go online. However I was convinced to try it by Ironass (Some people have probably faced him in matches online). We know each other in real life and we play games together more often than not. He’s the bigger fighting game enthusiast of the two of us, but I like to think I challenge even him (sometimes).

My favourite character to play as is Setsuki because I love her versatility and mixup potential. However I feel like I am absolutely clueless against Geiger most of the time. I’ve also not fully figured out how to play in some matchups against Valerie too.

I don’t really know much about the Fantasy Strike world and characters outside of the game, so I would say DeGrey is my favourite character in the lore overall, because he’s kinda unique in my eyes.

My Ranked team is currently Setsuki and DeGrey mostly and my third slot switches back and forth between Jaina and Grave.

I would have to say my best achievement in FS so far was my Euro Strike result, and other than some technical difficulties connecting to a couple of opponents, I found the tournament nice, clean and quick.

When it comes to other fighting games…. I learnt a pretty sweet combo in Skullgirls once, and that’s about it! I mostly play MMO and RPG games with friends. At the moment I play: Fantasy Strike, World of Warcraft, and then of course there is various other games but these two take up the spotlight. Other than gaming I own a husky and I take care of another two huskies in my spare time, and I have also pretty recently gotten into some DnD with some friends.

Playing Fantasy Strike I love the sense of accomplishment I get when I actually win a match or even a round against someone I know is better than myself. But probably my favourite thing is that you get to know all the players that come back to the game frequently – I get to know them not through words, but through the matches we have.

Remy: I loved this thought Webletee had about how you get to know someone through their gameplay. It actually reminded me of a really old article of mine from some of the earliest online fighting game experiences I had myself.

For new players, I recommend Rook and Valerie as they are really easy for new people to pick up, but don’t limit yourself to them. I think because they are so easy to pick up, that is precisely why a lot of the good players know exactly what to do against them!

I would like to give a shout out to Ironass, for getting me to buy Fantasy Strike, and I would also like to shout out to my guildies in WoW, Cold Blood. We are the best of the worst!

7 thoughts on “Euro Fantasy Strike Players Series: #4 – Webletee

  1. Interesting to read there are others with a similar experience to mine regarding fighting games (in general) and Fantasy Strike.

    Also really like the sentiment that you get to learn about the players through playing them. Even with the smaller move-sets of characters in FS different people still have a bit of their own flair to the characters.

    Hadn’t chimed in prior to now, but this is a great series Remy. Looking forward to future posts. With how many people were signed up for EuroStrike it seems like you’ve many candidates yet to interview. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Frostilyte! 😀 I appreciate your support for the blog too (thanks for all the likes!)

      And yup, there’s plenty more players to talk to, I won’t run out for a long time! Some folks are already looking forward to their chance to speak I think 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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