Euro Strike Results & Thank You!

After 27 entrants from 17 different countries battled it out on a great Saturday evening stream (easily my most watched stream ever) – Euro Strike was concluded. You can see the final full bracket & standings over on Challonge here:

You might want to watch the full tournament archive first though if you don’t want to spoil it all of course!

I’d like to add another HUGE thank you to the FS community for generously donating the prize pool for this event. I also need to add a massive thank you to ThyPirateKing and Leontes for helping out with my stream tech issues, commentary and running the brackets. There is no way I could have run this event without them! Also thank you to FightingRoadHog for being available as backup tournament admin if needed.

And of course thank you to everyone for playing and watching! It seemed to prove quite popular, so I’d definitely like to run another event like this at some point in the future. Also since TPK has helped resolve my streaming issues, I may be able to stream more FS casual commentary soon too.

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