European Fantasy Strike Early Access Tournament #1: 7pm UTC Thur Nov 8th 2018

Enough folks seemed interested to make this work, so here we go. I’m going to run the first online event for European players of Fantasy Strike on Thursday 8th November at 7pm UTC (so 7pm UK time once we move back to UTC next week). It is only open to European players to keep everyone to decent ping times and connections. Please ensure you’re able to play Fantasy Strike friend matches online okay before entering. If you do have any problems, the first thing to try is port forwarding.


To enter, just let me know here (or anywhere) with your Fantasy Tag (your in-game FS name) and your steam profile ID name if you are happy to make that public, and add me, Remy77077 as a Friend on Steam, so I can communicate with you easily during the tournament, and just be online on Steam and in-game and ready to play at the correct time and date. If you’re not online and in-game I will assume you are no longer entering. You’ll also need to add the opponents you get during the event as your friends within Fantasy Strike itself, and it is also recommended you add them as Steam friends to be able to communicate more easily with them too.

I will also post some updates in the Agoners discord channel, so you may wish to join that (but it’s not required) or add me in Discord too. There’s also voice chat channels there you can use if you wish to.

  • The exact format of the event will be determined by the number of entrants that show at the time. I will run either a double elimination bracket, or swiss pairing rounds depending on the numbers.
  • For this first event, it will be a single character (1v1) friend match, so you only need to use one character if you wish to. Each tournament round you will play a First to 2 wins (aka: “Best of 3”) with your opponent. The loser of each match can change character if they wish to do so and you do not need to start each match with the same character if you want to change (ie: there is no character lock).
  • I will send you a message over Steam with who you are playing each round, and once your match is completed, the winner should message me the result. Note – you only need to report who won and who lost the first to two result, but if you want to report characters used, match/round scores etc go ahead.
  • In the event people do not play, cannot play due to connection issues, there are discrepancies and disagreement in the results reported (or not reported), or any other kind of complaint reported, I will attempt to manage that. In the worst case scenario I will have to void the whole event if players do not co-operate, but I’m glad to say that’s never happened before in many events like this I’ve ran before.
  • Don’t forget this is only a casual online tournament, there are no prizes other than pride and experience, it really isn’t too serious a deal – you should of course try your best to win, as that’s the whole point, but also look upon it as a chance to meet fellow Fantasy Strike players and have some fun.

Due to wanting to keep this a casual affair, and not to put off any new players from joining in, I will not be publicising the brackets at all, and will only announce the top placing entrants after the event too. So please don’t worry about ‘doing badly in public’ etc. Likewise. if I decide I can do any streaming or recording of the event, I will only highlight the later finalist matches at all. If you do want to stream or record your own games of course, that’s definitely encouraged. 😀 Good luck and good games!

3 thoughts on “European Fantasy Strike Early Access Tournament #1: 7pm UTC Thur Nov 8th 2018

  1. Update! Good first event, with some very close matches. I got some footage of a few matches I will see if I can use it later for any uploads.

    Swiss Pairing was used for the format.

    The winner was: Vall3y
    2nd place was: Arnei

    Congratulations to them and GGs to everyone. I will try and run more events like this in the near future.

    Characters represented: Midori, Valerie, Grave, Lum, Argagarg, DeGrey, Geiger.

    Countries represented: Israel, Germany, England, Switzerland, Norway & Austria

    (let me know if there’s any others I missed)


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