Running European Fantasy Strike Casual Online Tournaments?

Ok I just posted a bit in the Fantasy Strike discord about this, but here’s a post to discuss here as well.


I’m considering running some Europe-only online tournaments for Fantasy Strike. Long time followers of Agoners will know I used to do this for SF2 HDR.

It wouldn’t be anything serious or with prizes or anything or (usually) streamed or as professional as the E4i ones, and I would likely have to run it on a weeknight evening at an EU evening friendly time, most likely 7-9pm UK time (Mon-Fri), most likely a Tue or Thur.

Assuming it went well it would be a semi-regular occurrence but on no fixed schedule per-say, just whenever I could do it. Format of the tournament would vary (team or single character, and double/single elim or round robin, swiss etc, maybe some other wacky things).

The reason for making it Europe-only is so it’s an acceptable timezone for people in Europe, and to ensure a reasonable standard of connection quality between opponents.
It’s also because this would be intended to be a European FS community-building thing as opposed to anything ultra-competitive (especially as the top players are pretty well known at this stage anyway!). I have experience with this working well from other fighting games too.
Feedback I’m looking for is:
1. Would you be interested in this?
2. If so, any strong preference for time or weeknight to play it?
3. Any other thoughts?

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