Otaking77077 Street Fighter Animation Stream

Agoners’ Remy77077 joined our good friend Otaking77077’s animation shading live stream last week to talk about his work, Street Fighter, video games, anime, the number 77077, and lot’s of Dictator stuff in general.

You can watch the full “replay” of it here, along with some great edits and visual updates that Otaking has added to illustrate what we’re talking about:


It was a very good laugh despite being recorded in the middle of the night in UK time which meant I was a bit tired! I’ll be joining him again in the future for more of the same.
Agoners also supports Otaking’s Patreon for his animation work, highly recommended!


For pure Street Fighter fans who’d like to see the related footage of my fight I had online at the end of the stream, here’s a very special edited highlights of it:

If you’d like to watch the full version of the best of 3 set without commentary, recorded on the SFV “New CFN Beta”, then here it is too:


2 thoughts on “Otaking77077 Street Fighter Animation Stream

  1. I wasn’t hungover, I had food poisoning!!!

    I think people like the zero 3 single player so much due to the really fun “world tour” mode. It had some very light rpg mechanics where you could apply modifiers to your character, such as cancel any move into any super, or cancel any special into a super. You could end up doing some crazy stuff. Especially in the 2 vs 1 battles. Defo good fun.


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