Akuma players…

The video says it all really.

This guy was a good player but this was our 3rd match and we were 1 all before the start of this. Judge for yourself the typical mentality of a Gouki player…

Oh dear. Oh very dear me…

One thought on “Akuma players…

  1. Discussing this with some friends illustrated it’s amusing how different Street Fighter characters tend to give tells about the player’s playstyle or personality, at least at lower skill levels anyway… Here’s my experience:

    Akuma & Ken players = showboat players. Want to taunt & showoff their combos and “skill moves” but often don’t have very solid play.
    Zangief players = tend to be more thoughtful and patient players.
    Rashid, R.Mika, & Laura players = braindead mixup artists. Once you beat their one or two setups they don’t tend to know what to do, and just mindlessly do them over and over anyway. Never want to play neutral.
    Ibuki & Juri players = combo whores. Their combo skills generally greatly outstrip their skills in all other areas of the game.
    Cammy players = Setplay players. They don’t care what you are doing, they are going to press their buttons and do their setups and tickthrows etc over and over and over.

    Have you found any more typical player types associated with a character choice?


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