Team Shitty Hitty on V-League

If you pay attention to the side bar over there on Agoners -> you’ll have noticed I’ve been putting up a link to my Street Fighter V stats for a while now, which directs you to my profile on the excellent V-League website. What’s amazing about this site is how far ahead of Capcom they are in every manner, within Street Fighter V in-game, it doesn’t show you anything as good or as useful as this site… it’s kind of great and a tragedy at the same time by highlighting how inept Capcom have been with this to date. Capcom doesn’t even have a web-based site either, or any phone apps, or anything.

One downside to V-League is that, being an unofficial site, they rely on self-registering or at least someone else registering your profile on their site (you can register up to 3 profiles) for the full stats tracking to work (and they can only track some stuff from when you create a profile on there. So anyway, I really recommend you register on the site if you play SFV at all in Ranked really.

Here’s the profiles of myself and some of my most regular sparring partners at the Team Shitty Hitty Dojo. Be sure to check out the detail you can see on the Stats and Matches pages too 🙂







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