The most important game at E3 2015…

Just wanted to put a note up here about how intrigued I am about news for Montana 16 from this years E3.

There’s so many rumours and ridiculous conjecture about this game that I don’t want to get into. But the very possibility of a quality American Football game for the first time since All-Pro Football 2k8 *, and even the possibility of a quality NFL football game for the first time since NFL2k5 has definitely piqued my interest. Could 2k even be involved in some way? Or Visual Concepts? Or some of the devs?

I also feel that this very strange and amusing video needs to be shared:

I also need to mention Ryan Moody who’s great youtube channel has kept me in touch with the total failure of Madden as a viable American football game, and prevented me wasting any money from even trying it. It makes me laugh when I see people claiming great boycotts like “I won’t buy next year’s Madden…” because, as those who know me will attest, I put my money where my principles are as much as I can do, and I’ve not bought a Madden in well over a decade now, since around 2002 I believe.

If you’re reading this and you’re also interested in Joe Montana 16 news, please sign up here and help me get earlier news on this title 🙂



*respects due to Backbreaker, but it clearly needed a few iterations before it could’ve even rivalled 2k that it never got. Also something that very few people know about me – the whole reason I bought an Xbox 360 (USA import) was for APF 2k8.

3 thoughts on “The most important game at E3 2015…

  1. This isn’t the best news however:
    “The current deals likely run through 2017”
    however the glimmer of hope is this:
    “When questioned specifically about a potential Joe Montana Football game, he said he had no knowledge of anything going on with that, but if it were to be on consoles it would be an unlicensed game”

    Perhaps there’s wiggle room for a PC NFL title?


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