Do Something! with Dan Hibiki


Do Something!

Well, I did. With Dan, of course.

First up is an long battle vs a fairly typical run-away-ish Gouken player.

A pretty even fight until I unleashed the secrets of Saikyo-ryu. This guy has actually beaten me a few times too.

What an incredible finish – why oh why did he throw that fireball at the end though? There was no need to take that risk of getting an Ohgi to the face… “That’s so Pete Carroll”!


Next up, a matchup against the fantastically named, and much higher ranked than me, Balrogic…

Some great moments in there, landing a taunt to the face, and FOUR EX-Dankyaku’s in a row.

What was most epic was that this battle against probably the best Boxer I’d faced online for ages took place in the early hours of Xmas Day – Boxing Day in fact. He did also win a few vs me but I was so pumped by this epic win, it may have been the highlight of a really lovely Xmas day.

Next up on the same evening, the rarely seen Decapre, and this one had a monster BP score and so clearly had a ton of experience…


… and now they have the experience of a beating from Dan! 😛

Oh here’s Balrogic back again…

So yeah, a similar gameplan from me, but I miss a way too many dragon punches throughout. The Ultra exchange at the end of Round 2 is especially good. I’d yomi’d that he was about to do a move, and I was right – but sadly, for once, the Ohgi was defeated by something – extremely rare 😦 Nasty corner lock down I couldn’t escape for too long in the final round too.
But yeah, does show the calibre of opponent I’m up against at the >1000 PP level.

It’s that terrible match-up for Dan again, Cammy. But she’s using Ultra Combo Double for some reason…

Oh! That would be why…

Still an amazingly close fought battle that really speaks for itself. I really enjoyed that one, despite the loss of PP! 🙂

And one last match from just recently to bring this bang up to date…

What happens when the usual combo-tastic Evil Ryu player comes up against me, who can barely even do an FADC ever in training mode:

Oh these combo players… Incidentally Evil Ryu seems to be the new “popular magnet” rather than Ken. Both complete losers compared to Dan…




3 thoughts on “Do Something! with Dan Hibiki

  1. Awesome stuff! A master-class in the fundamentals.

    Evil Ryu really is the new Ken. Fuck him!

    …and that Cammy alt is WAY too distracting, how do you concentrate?


    1. Cheers! 😀

      Yeah I could blame it on the costume distraction… but I’m more of a Juri or Poison man myself 😛
      No I mean, I’m not “a Poison Man”.. erm.. oh, yeah… erm, well ^_^;;


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