Steel Boots 2 – Sheffield Divekick Tournament

Well the first Steel Boots tournament was a lot of fun, and this time we doubled the players! Here’s the results 🙂

The tournament format was Double Elmination, best of 3 matches, loser can change character (& gem) after each match loss.

Remy77077 played as: Dr Shoals, Kenny, S-Kill, Markman & The Baz
Navan Daughn played as: Redacted, The Baz
id0ru played as: Kick
ineedleladybra played as: S-Kill
FieryBiscuit8 played as: Dr Shoals
Kimble played as: Kung Pao

The turning point of the tournament for me was, after being put into Losers Bracket by Navan, id0ru beat my S-Kill with his Kick in match 1. For some reason I switched to Markman as a change-up – however id0ru got me to 4-0 down in rounds and I was about to be detected as a Fraud… however I suddenly seemed to remember how to play well at Divekick and went on a crazy Choke & Fraud detecting 10 round win streak! :-O And I managed to run this hot steak all the way to the end.

In the Finals Match, Navan who’d beaten me with Redacted earlier, took match 1 against me beating my Markman with his Redacted…. losing confidence vs his Redacted I switched again to The Baz & it worked for me, creating a Grand Finals. I blind-picked Kenny in the Grand Finals but Navan stuck with Redacted the whole way. It’s not really easy to counter-pick Kenny anyway.

5 thoughts on “Steel Boots 2 – Sheffield Divekick Tournament

  1. Booo rubbish, booooo. I’m joking of course.
    The dynamic of the match was fantastic. You have myself and Remy who are well practised DiveKick dudes, with a couple of ‘played a few times’ and people who had never played it before.
    It demonstrates that it’s challenging for regular players, and has a great level of entry for new players. Basically giving them as good-a-chance of winning as anyone else. 🙂

    Very disappointed with with my performance indeed, but loved watching everyone else win and lose. Markman matches are always a treat, and Remy getting stuck on his spring was mucho funny.

    Can’t wait until the next one!


    1. Thanks ineedle! 😉

      I reckon there’s a pretty big skill factor to Divekick, but none of us are really that high up the curve yet. But I’ve been rolled by top players online which shows there’s a lot of depth to it and it isn’t just luck… But it does always feel like with a bit of mind games and maybe a bit of luck or a moment of great execution that anyone can win it sometimes, which is also what makes it great. Low entry barrier, high skill ceiling basically! 😀

      Spring for the Win!! (& loss, haha ^_^)… I wouldn’t be too disappointed either since I was 1 round away from the same result as you, which just shows, especially in a tournament, that anything can happen.


  2. The only reason Remy won was because of his cheating ways. 10 in a row? There’s cause for suspicion if ever I saw any! And Dan, you obviously lost because you didn’t play as Stream (the Troll). You must play to your strengths!


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