Half-Life 2 – Review

Format: PC

Reviewer: Remy77077

Approximate Time Spent playing at time of writing: 30 hours *

(* unknown exactly how much of this was active time, as I frequently left the game on pause & in the background a lot more than usual)

Modes of play: Single Player

Half-Life 2 has all the flaws of Half-Life and it’s atrocious blend of appalling save system with boring skill-tests. However it’s now lost the only good thing going for Half-Life now, as the storyline is now laughably bad too! 😦 What passed for ‘puzzles’ have also taken a nose-dive – and they weren’t very good to start with, to be replaced with more action sequences, which do not work at all within the confines of the save-anywhere instantly & re-load in an instant zero challenge game system. It does have vastly improved graphics and music, but they are little consolation to the agonistic gamer.

I was actually glad & relieved when I finally finished this rubbish so that I’d never have to play it again. Oh dear. I’m so glad Valve has moved onto great stuff like Left 4 Dead these days which are actual fun challenge titles, instead of continuing along these dull “story” non-games. Perhaps Valve realise this too, hence the long (hopefully infinite!) delay for Half-Life 3.

Challenge Review: 

Competitive Gaming Design Review:

Competitive Game Review:

Interactive Story:

Probably better than Half-Life 1 since there are vehicles etc. But this hardly matters in a title this bad.

Another small consolation, there’s none of this.


Overall Score: 

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