Half-Life – Review

Half Life




Format: PC

Reviewer: Remy77077

Approximate Time Spent playing at time of writing: 29 hours *

(* unknown exactly how much of this was active time, as I frequently left the game on pause & in the background a lot more than usual)

Modes of play: Single Player

I’ve written quite a bit about Half Life before, enough to practically consider it a review already.

In summary, this game makes for an atrocious challenge-based game due to it’s pathetic save system & many of the “puzzles” are also incredibly weak. The only things it does really well are parts of the story & the story telling method.

Challenge Review: 

Competitive Gaming Design Review: N/A

Competitive Game Review: N/A

Interactive Story: Positive

Toy/Experience: Fairly positive, slightly ruined by the “move along 1 pixel wide ledge” issue explained in the link above.

Grind: None

Simulation: Some

Overall Score: 

I’m feeling just generous enough to count it’s good storyline enough to bump this up a star overall.


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