Blood Brothers – Review

We did not really consider gambling ‘fruit machines‘ (aka slot machines or just slots) when it came to defining the Agoners review criteria. They clearly aren’t designed to be any kind of challenge or competitive game at all. The best fit they would have to our criteria would be under the “Toy / Experience” category – for those that enjoy the thrill of betting against the odds to try to win money, or of calculating the odds correctly. Of course anyone with a decent amount of skill of calculating the odds of a real slot machine, will quickly realise the only winning move is not to play the ‘game’ at all!

I was fooled somehow into believing Blood Brothers was actually a real videogame, when in fact it’s not, it’s more like the aforementioned fruit machines – except like so many of these “social”, “mobile” and “casual” ‘games’, it uses every psychological and grind-based trick in the book to get you to spend money on it – for nothing other than an in game ‘reward’ for yourself.

You would honestly be better of pumping coins into a fruit machine than spending a penny of your money or a moment of your time on offensive manipulative crap like this…

Blood Brothers





Title: Blood Brothers

Format: Android

Reviewer: Remy77077

Approximate Time Spent playing at time of writing: <1 hour

Modes of play: Single Player

There’s no real challenge to it at all. Just a pointless & presumably endless grind. It’s an ‘RPG’ battle system in which you don’t even directly command your characters at all, they just auto-attack for you. Admittedly this is about as complex as many other ‘RPG’ battle systems boil down to in the end.

Challenge Review:

Competitive Gaming Design Review:

Competitive Game Review:

Interactive Story:
Highly Negative. Puerile nonsense from the start which I can only assume would continue.

Highly Negative for me. If for some reason you get a lot out of grinding and wasting your money to skip through this crap faster – then you might love this. I think if you’re actually playing this though, you need to seriously think about why & what you’re doing and what you’re getting out of it and why you (perhaps) think it’s “fun”.

This “game” is nothing but a Skinner Box design that’s all about grinding and making that grind so annoying that you want to pay to reduce it.


Overall Score:

It really doesn’t even deserve a single star. It’s many levels below awful, but at least genuine games like Bomb The Zombies.

Please for the love of anything, don’t touch ‘games’ like this. They have absolutely nothing to do with agonistic gaming in any form. It’s an embarrassment to the ‘games industry’ (and perhaps even the human race) that things such as this exist and are even grouped under that umbrella. As I mentioned in the intro, the industry they really fall under is the gambling industry.

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