Possibly interesting competitive games – SpyParty, Hero Academy, Skulls of the Shogun

Here’s a quick note of a few new competitive games to go on the Agoners radar that I’ve picked out of all the news (and noise!) around.

SpyParty is an asymmetric multiplayer espionage game that could certainly be interesting. I’ve come across it before a few times and read a few articles by it’s designer but this update about it doing a part of it’s beta test at EVO got my attention again.

Hero Academy sounds like it could actually make an asynchronous competitive turn-based strategy game work. I’ve been wanting to play more games like this, ever since Navan & I & friends struggled through a combined play-by-email and online four player game of Civilisation IV. There’s a major chance it will be ruined by the freemium model into grind-to-compete and/or pay-to-win, but still, the fact it’s coming to Steam now interests me (since I wouldn’t i-touch anything by Apple!). Another game in this same vein with the same kind of potential is Skulls of the Shogun.

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