Seth Killian leaves Crapcom

Another piece of news worthy of some quick Agoners comment.

Not Seth Killian, but it sometimes felt like this was his job!
Not Seth Killian, but it sometimes felt like this was his job!

I’m completely unsurprised by this and I’m also rather pleased.

I had a very long chat with Seth Killian or (S-kill) back at Super Vs Battle 20-X. I still have the SVB pass I got him to sign for me as an ice-breaker 🙂 He confirmed that so many of my worst feelings & fears about Capcom, the Japanese games industry, and the FG scene were true – and have proven to be even more so over the years. Unfortunately I never got the chance to write our talk into a full article at the time – but I may yet get a chance to in the future. My overall impression of Seth though, was of someone who had very mixed emotions about his job/role. I’m sure the good bits of it were as good as he says they were, but I always felt after that chat that the man was just too intelligent and had too much integrity to keep this role, that sometimes became tantamount to a “Capcom shill”, going for too long. I knew it even when he told me he’d fought as much as he could for as much of the “SFII-style” game mechanics as he could in SFIV. Some of the stuff I read attributed to Seth and the things I saw him say in ‘official’ interviews seemed incredibly distant from the person I’d spoke to. I was sure the dissonance would eventually be too much for him to bear.

Let’s hope for the best for Seth and I am sure he’ll get to do something much better now he’s away from the cloistering grasp of Capcom. Dream Team of Sirlin and S-kill working together? 😉

The greatest moment on Seth’s watch at Capcom 🙂

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