Alawishus Pixel – Review

Title: Alawishus Pixel

Alawishus Pixel

Format: XBox Live Indie Games

Reviewer: Remy77077

Approximate Time Spent playing at time of writing: 1 hour

Modes of play: Single Player

According to the XBox Marketplace description this videogame will “test your mind and dexterity”. Whilst that is true, it’s not a very hard test! It’s quite ok while it lasts, this title just feels like an intro to something that could’ve been much better. The levels and mechanics are all very simple and only one level provided any real challenge to me, and I completed the game in only around an hour of total playtime. It’s an extremely basic platform-puzzler with little to recommend it when compared with games like Apple Jack or Splosion Man, or even older pure platform games like Mario and Sonic. Yeah it’s only 80 MS points so you certainly get enough ‘content’ for your tiny amount of money, but of course here at Agoners we review how a single player videogame stands up as a challenge… and for me, this really didn’t. For someone who’s hardly ever played any platform games though, this maybe a reasonably interesting, but still short, challenge. At least it’s  probably a bit better than wasting your MS Points on ridiculous shit like some ‘gamer icons’ or a teddy for your Avatar or something, or colours or costumes for a fighting game *facepalm*. Note that I’ve discovered from other reviews that Alawishus Pixel has also been released on various mobile phone formats, but there, due to the lacking touch-screen controls on those systems, it becomes way too hard instead, although it sounds to me like that could be preferable to how it is!

Alawishus Pixel Puzzle/Challenge Review:

Alawishus Pixel Game Review:
N/A. There isn’t even a leaderboard of any kind to compete on. The only ‘score’ you get at the end is a number of times you died, and number of level resets you made (I made just over 80 deaths/resets so around 2 per level).

Interactive Story:




Overall Score:

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