Inversion Survey

This is something that’s been intriguing me and I’ve been working on a blog post on for some time, but I realised it would be far more intesting to try and get some data from my friends and any readers of this blog who’d like to get involved too, before actually discussing it further. So please put your answers in the comments, or message to me in any manner is fine (XBL, myspace, email etc.).

Thank you very much in advance to everyone that participates 🙂

1. Rank on a scale of 1-5 how skilled & experienced do you consider your play at First Person Shooter (FPS) games, 5 being the highest. (If you have an XBL account it would be helpful if you told me it as well to compare Achievements)

2. When you play an FPS game, do you play with look inversion (Y-axis inversion) on?

3. When you play a third person action game with shooting elements (such as Gears of War, Ninja Gaiden aim mode, Gun Valkyrie, World of Warcraft etc), do you play with look inversion (Y-axis inversion) on?

4. When you play a third person more movement-based adventure style game (such as Tomb Raider, Uncharted, Ninja Gaiden etc), do you play with look inversion (Y-axis inversion) on?

Any more comments associated with your thoughts on this, especially if you change your look invert settings from game to game I would be really interested in hearing your thoughts on why you prefer that. Ninja Gaiden is especially potentially interesting as of course you can have different look invert settings when in “aim mode” compared to the normal game view.

Personally, I’d rank myself a 2 for FPS game skill & experience. I’ve played an awful lot of games but I certainly don’t play as many as a lot of folks do, and I’ve never gotten especially good at any of them. On single player I usually only play through them once. And online multiplayer I don’t tend to “know” any of the maps very well when I play FPS games, or even have an average ranking on games like Halo 3. However I am far from a ‘noob’ and can generally hold my own on any game once I’ve played it a little bit. I play every single style of game with look inversion on – so pressing “up” always looks down for me.

Here’s my answer to your survey

1. XBOX FPS rank: 1
PC FPS rank: 4
2. Not inverted
3. Not inverted
4. Not inverted

The reason that I don’t invert the y-axis is because when I have accidentally done it in the past, I got instant RSI, eye-strain, back cramps, irritable bowel syndrome, epilepsy and Aids.

Don't invert!

2 thoughts on “Inversion Survey

  1. Thought id put it here as well, help your blog out. 🙂

    1. 2 Average experiance with FPS’s, but I don’t rate my skill with them very highly as I haven’t played one in a while. Halo 3 will solve that.

    2. No (having though about this, I think I play with what ever the games default is, if it is inverted I just adapt and carry on).

    3. No

    4. No

    Riks head/crosshair theory fits here. I’m basically using whatever contols I have at my disposal to move a pointer around the screen, rather than trying to push my characters head around.

    However you’ve got me thinking about this a bit more, and in addition to my comments next to question 2). I think I would only do this with an Analog stick, currently, in my head, using a mouse inverted seems wrong.

    Definately play more games not inverted though.


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