THE Battle of Destiny (it won’t be for me)

Just a short post to say.. yes, it’s finally confirmed I am going to this! 😀

It will only be a day-trip for me though and I’ve still not decided which day to go on. I won’t be entering any of the tournments, because thanks to the sheer idiocy of the Sony-loving organisers means I cannot play any of them. And that’s as pleasant a comment I can make about that…

So moving swiftly on before my rage-gage fills to untold levels, I’ll hopefully get my fill of SF4 and SF HD Remix I hope whichever day I go, but I also want to watch the tournaments for entertainment. So the choice between seeing tournament matches Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo (on Saturday) or Street Fighter III Third Strike (on Sunday) is an incredibly difficult one to make. Note that CVS2 only barely qualifies as “entertainment” to watch, and Tekken? Umm, right, I’d rather watch two toddlers brawling in a playground than that rubbish, thanks all the same.

There’s also the hilarity of a certain amount of “money matches” going down – but it’s unclear from forum reading as to exactly when those will take place, so I think I’ll just have to hope I get lucky in witnessing some of these.

Expect a full Agoners report later. 🙂

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